1.5.2 Update 14-11-2020

- Disabled BetterSnow for now until i have more time to look into a crash issue
- Fixed an issue with movement in water with water improved on
- Added back World Downloader

1.5.1 Update 14-11-2020

- Fixed cape bend from glitching
- Fixed a RAM issue on launch causing a crash

1.5.0 Update 13-11-2020

- Latest Optifine
- Added a feature to NoLag to block TNT Packets
- Added a water improve module to NoLag (This is experimental)
- Fixed Players Flickering Black
- Built lightfix into the client and removed from nolag
- Merged Lava & Water Vison
- Fixed Wild Cape
- Updated to v2 Breadcrumbs
- Added CaneHelper

1.4.0 Update 11-11-2020

- Search for modules
- Waypoints Manager
- Fixed Waypoint adding crash when Mapwriter isn't enabled
- Added option for Missing ESP and Missing Tracers for Schematica missing locations.
- Fixed fog being rendered with clouds off.

1.3.3 Update 11-11-2020

- Fixed Nightmare Cape Numbers
- Fixed Crystal Cape Numbers
- Fixed Nightmare / Crystal not displaying
- Updated Peppa Cape
- Re-added Beta Capes
- Infused & MineHeroes animated capes
- Added Custom Colored Redstone Module