Falcun is a Minecraft based client. Falcun Clients' current focus is to provide a better experience for Minecraft-Factions players; As previously stated, our objective with Falcun is to create a client that will aid the user with many aspects of Minecraft-Factions. Whether it is through our vastly improved Schematica options or through our Patchcrumbs, Falcun has a variety of unique options that are beneficial to the user.

In order for us to make the users experience better we often take suggestions from the community discord on what they would like to be implemented into Falcun.

From custom mods to aid with factions needs to FPS boosts. Falcun offers a variety of customizable mods, the ability to personalize the client to your liking, and cosmetics such as capes and emotes.


Falcun is a popular Minecraft client used by thousands of players a day, this section will have an array of statistics that will be updated soon.

658356 Plays

14 Nov 2020 | By Falcun

1.5.2 Update

- Disabled BetterSnow for now until i have more time to look into a crash issue
- Fixed an issue with movement in water with water improved on...


14 Nov 2020 | By Falcun

1.5.1 Update

- Fixed cape bend from glitching
- Fixed a RAM issue on launch causing a crash...


13 Nov 2020 | By Falcun

1.5.0 Update

- Latest Optifine
- Added a feature to NoLag to block TNT Packets
- Added a water improve module to NoLag (This is experimental)


11 Nov 2020 | By Author

1.4.0 Update

- Search for modules
- Waypoints Manager
- Fixed Waypoint adding crash when Mapwriter isn't enabled
- Added option for Missing E...